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What is a Web Hosting?, Why Web hosting Company Grace Info Soft?

There are many site facilitating organizations. A facilitating organization has and supports the servers that store your site’s records and make them accessible to the Internet.
There are three principle concerns when picking a facilitating organization for your site:
1. Server Reliability (up-time)
2. Client Service
3. Cost
There are others as well. We will talk about them after these critical three. speed/features/spammers/location
1. Server Reliability (up-time)
If your web server is down, your webpage is “shut”.
Keeping a site open and accessible 24/7, as its been said, is an overwhelming assignment for any facilitating organization most do it exceptionally well. The ones who don’t, never keep going long. An up-time of 99.99% is great. Think about there are 10,080 minutes in a day. With an up time of 99.99% that implies that a server might be down just a normal of 1.008 minutes a week. Immaterial.
Our facilitating organization, Grace Info Soft, brags that 99.99% up-time.
2. Client Service
Hosting and administering sites is about administration.
In the event that any of our customers has an issue getting to their site or email, we then contact our facilitating organization and get the issue resolved as fast as could be allowed. There are reasons a site is occupied other than a downed server. The customer may be having an issue with their ISP, or there could be a blackout some place on the Internet. Grace Info Soft, the facilitating organization we have been utilizing since 1999 has dependably been exceptionally responsive and the issue is normally settled rapidly.
We tell all our customers on the off chance that they are having an issue with their site or email to call us quickly.

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Asaph Azariah
Asaph Azariah
Asaph Azaiah is the founder and CEO of Grace Info Soft and is in charge of marketing, project management, administration and R&D at the company. With his marketing background, Asaph Azariah has developed and honed the company’s vision, corporate structure & initiatives and its goals, and brought the company into the current era of success.

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