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Showcasing your website using CSS Galleries

Presently there are various ways of marketing your websites. CSS Galleries is one of them and is a great way of marketing your website.

The only criteria to get your website showcased in a CSS gallery or CSS directory is that the website must be of good quality with an unique and alluring design, and it must be written in XHTML/CSS (table less).

The benefits of getting showcased in the CSS Galleries are:

  1. It provides one way backlink to your website, and as we all know that backlinks can immensely help your website rank better in the major search engines.
  2. The CSS galleries are becoming vastly popular amongst professionals looking for talented web designers. Hence having your website showcased in those CSS galleries can send a flood of traffic to your website.

So, if you already have a website with an appealing design and XHTML /CSS code, go ahead and submit your website to the CSS galleries.

But if you have a website which you think needs a revamp in terms of having an unique design as well as XHTML/CSS coding, do not worry at all.

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